Thursday, January 20, 2011


nothing is permanent .. no one is forever .. there is no such thing as guarantees .. you can never make or keep a promise .. there are no commitments ..everything is already done .. no one can change nothing .. in short there is nothing that can be taken in a different direction .. or be replaced .. or be changed .. but there is a place where you can do anything you want .. where you can do and change things .. where you are GOD .. you write others peoples story and edited or omit whatever you like or dislike .. that place which you decide that it even exists or not .. this tells the you are the creator .. you are the destroyer .. where everything is possible .. a place you own everything and everyone .. where you do anything you want and it will not put an effect on your life .. where there is no tit for tat .. that place is called dreams ..


  1. true!!
    man evn i wrote a poem on d blog wid a same name..

  2. The thing that is written, well i'l say stated above is actual truth, good going Mr.Dubey.


  3. Yea, the lingo as in the writing style is a bit 'Immature' in nature, I'm sure it would improve with the regular posts.

    p.s. No Offence Meant

    Best of Luck